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Passionate and respected Sports analyst Barrie McDermott brings insight, enthusiasm, and humour to the commentary box and television studio.

Given to helpful analysis and frank opinion, his character and intellect have become a mainstay of Sky’s popular Rugby League coverage. Alongside fellow rugby legend Terry O’Connor, the duo draws on 35 plus years of experience and friendship for sports fans.

As a Sports commentator since 2007, Barrie has relayed the excitement of World Cups, Challenge Cups and Grand Finals to millions of Rugby League fans.

Preparation and attention to detail underpin Barrie’s media work. He is still methodical and meticulous in his approach to match days.
Barrie studies the game from all angles, understands the business behind rugby and has an extensive network of contacts throughout all areas of the game.

Often first to put himself forward for an interview as a player, his natural aptitude for media work became evident when he began commentating for Radio Leeds as a player in 2002, and then as head of Leeds Rhinos’ youth development.

Today you can often catch his unique insight into the collision sport on Sky during the Rugby League season.

Barrie speaks of his old friend Terry O’Connor:

“Terry and I are friends from our youth. We’re very different in our approaches to life, our outlooks, and expectations. We’re best friends and we complement each other quite well. I began and finished my career alongside Terry, we had a spell at Wigan too. I don’t think we’ll ever be completely separate. We are so intertwined with kids and family, friendship and business interests. We’re a very successful team. There are people who do business with us who have an ultimate respect for one and maybe not the other. But between us, we get what we want in the end, because of the skills and attributes of the other one.”


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    “Like any successful team Terry and I understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we let each other come to the fore as and when necessary.”

    “I love the studio and the commentary box. I’m in my element there because I’m a fan of the game but I apply my experience as a player to the moment.”

    “In truth I was always an analyst. I was always a studier of the game, but it was just for me. It was just for my knowledge. Now I share it with the fans.”

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