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As an ambitious media and business personality, Barrie McDermott uses the same key principles that guided him to three of Rugby League’s most coveted prizes.

Their application was ever present in all his success as a star of the game. Now he uses them to roadmap achievements in a corporate setting.

Barrie speaks passionately on the principles which guided him to success as an athlete and now as a Sports analyst, currency exchange consultant and endurance athlete for charities.

He explores his understanding of leadership, teamwork, talent, preparation, potential, sacrifice, analysis and personal development with audiences.

And he offers them insight into practices that secure success and fulfill potential in professional environments.

Barrie is available as a motivational speaker who makes keynote, after dinner, awards and conference speeches as well as hold Q&A sessions.

He also works for the corporate world as a host, compere, and moderator.


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    “When we look at successful people and successful teams they all have a strong work ethic. They all have honesty and integrity. They all reflect and are self-analytical. But they are willing to sacrifice too. They are willing to sacrifice their glory for the glory of the team.”

    “I loved the challenge of playing abroad. To go into somebody’s back garden, into somebody’s country where nobody knew you or respected you, to go in there and do battle I loved it.”

    “I know loads of my mates who were better players than their careers will show. Whatever mistakes they made. Whatever things they didn’t do. Whether they influenced that or it was a set of circumstances beyond their control, if you don’t fulfil your potential in life or business it’ll torment you.”

    “Personal development is about making sure you’re looking after not just today, but the next week, month, year and so on. Is there a plan in process, are you applying your time, or are you just looking at today without bothering about tomorrow because what will be will be?”

    “I think the key to any part of your professional and personal life is about embracing and viewing difficult aspects and periods as a life lesson. I embrace the good, the bad and everywhere in between. It all builds your knowledge.”

    “I’m a great believer in mental toughness. Nobody is born with it. You get it from a series of events that mould and shape you. You acquire it by getting up after you’ve been knocked down.”

    “It is having that mental resolve to say to yourself ‘I’ve either got it right or I’ve got it wrong but push on.’ Keep moving forward, continually testing and challenging yourself.”

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