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Barrie adapts and applies his strategies for performance and success as a professional rugby player to his work as a business advisor.

Every route map, blueprint and checklist he relied on religiously to achieve honours in the game has become integral to the success of his work in the corporate world.

Exposed to highly successful people on a daily basis for 20 years, Barrie studied their natural and learned attributes while he was a player, coach and head of business development in the sport.

Today, he gives the benefit of his knowledge and experience to a wide range of businesses.

Barrie offers business consultancy and workshops, as well as project advice, over the short and long term.

His goal-setting, preparation, processes, team-building, leadership, man management advice and a network of contacts make a difference for companies operating in competitive environments.

Drawn to infectious enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, and self-made success, he has unique organisational skills needed to move from goal to outcome, and an impressive track record of accomplishing challenges.

He also provides equal value to established corporate settings using the same unique toolkit.


Barrie is a business consultant to AFEX financial and foreign exchange services for a number of its key UK accounts and customer relationships.

AFEX, founded in 1979, is a privately owned foreign exchange system that gives business support and low exchange rates to companies processing payments around the world.


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    “I use and channel my competitive edge differently as a mature man faced with challenges in the corporate world.”

    “You look at the team that you play against and you put things in place to try and beat that team.”

    “A true team member sacrifices their glory for the glory of the team.”

    “In the sporting environment you play on a Sunday, you analyse what you did, you try and fix it up for the next week. In a working environment, you don’t do that, you hardly ever analyse and reflect. It would be useful if more working environments adopted that practice.”

    “What I have is a set of lessons and a road map for every professional experience, issue, question and drama I face.”

    “Everybody knows the outcome is to be rich and successful. But people don’t always have a plan. They have an idea and an outcome, but no plan. I have parts of a process that can be applied to any business.”

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